Friday, July 21, 2006

A Lesson Learned or What Not to do When Your Student Breaks an Arm

This is Ben. Last week I was giving oral tests to this class individually in the hallway while the rest of the class was doing work in their books in the classroom. (In fact though, they were running around and breaking things.) I went in the room and called for Ben to come out in the hall for his test. He was crying and he's usually not a crier but I didn't think much of it.

Me- What's wrong?
Ben- My arm.
Me- Are you okay?
Ben- I'm okay. Small ouch. (said with a pained look on his face)
Me- Okay then, number one: Is this a pencil?
Ben- (tear) Sniffle, sniffle.
Me-Do you want to go see the desk teacher?
Ben- NOOOO!!! Please no desk teacher. I'm okay. Small ouch.
Me- Alright, you're okay. Give me your hands let's shake it out. (I take both his hands and shake his arms)

The desk teacher then came over and asked Ben to bend his arm for her. It did not look right. Ben was then promptly sent to the hospital. Tough kid though. Yesterday he was back in class and I acted out the story (playing Ben and myself) to the class about how Ben broke his arm and said it was a "small ouch" and then his wicked teacher violently shook his arms. They were in hysterics. I bought Ben (and the rest of the class) dokboki and apologized for the shaking episode. I also threatened to break his other arm if he kept talking throughout class. The other kids thought that was really funny. This class is warped. It's the same one that collectively told me a that student had been run over by a truck and died after he missed two classes.

So, what did I learn from this? First, don't trust 8 year olds unattended in a room even for a mere five minutes. Second, check for broken bones BEFORE shaking limbs!