Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy July 4 from North Korea


Flower and bee on Sunday walking to Hwagyesa

Early this morning (the 4th in the U.S.) North Korea, in a symbolic gesture to the U.S., test fired six missiles including one long-range missile that failed in flight. This is the second time North Korea has tested long range missiles, the first one being back in 1998.

Wednesday night Hilly comes and then on Friday we're actually going to North Korea along with a few other friends. I didn't even know this was possible for Americans without spending thousands of dollars. But apparently a trip to Guemgangsan (Diamond Mountain) is possible for Americans and even South Koreans through travel companies at a fairly reasonable price considering the destination (350,000 won). I started The Two Koreas last weekend and am trying to finish it by Friday, having postponed reading it for months for no good reason other than it's intimidating thickness.

In other news, a psycho Korean woman at my school was fired today! Good news for everyone. The foreign teachers are going out tonight to celebrate. The school will soon be safe for young children and foreigners. I just realized today is the Fourth of July. Weird. No 'Blow up the Backyard Party' at Joe's for the first time in several years. Besides what I already mentioned, my day was quite normal. My 6 year old students sang the lyrics to that song I hear everywhere here, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?", and danced along with it. It was hilarious. I think the song was on a commercial or something. Douglas licked my ear. George pissed his pants. Yeah, a pretty normal day. No fireworks tonight, but I will drink a beer to celebrate the holiday!