Monday, June 26, 2006

Korea vs. Switzerland- 4 am Saturday

Nori Bar pre-game party

City Hall

Korea played Switzerland at 4:00 am on Saturday morning and I went to City Hall with Barbara and Heather (for a second sleepless night in a row after watching Australia play Friday at 4 am). To kill some time before the game we went to Nori Bar in Shinchon, which I haven't been to in ages! It was still the same good time as always only with new faces due to the ever-changing cycle of teachers.

We cabbed it to City Hall from Nori and got there a bit after 3 am. The crowds were unbelievable! Swarms of people were seriously never-ending, all wearing red and most with glowing devil horns on their heads. We started several chants of, "Tae-han-min-guk!", with our noise-makers to the delight of the crowds and, "Oh, Pilsung Korea...". The last time I had slept was Wednesday night so I was only running on adrenaline once the game started. We found a spot and shortly after the game started my adrenaline rush ended and I intermittently fell asleep while I was sitting up with a guy banging a drum next to me. I can seriously sleep anywhere. I saw some of the game though... Korea lost 2-0 so everyone was looking down once the sun was up. Good times though anyways.

Red Devil

City Hall