Monday, May 15, 2006

Teacher's Day

Today was Teacher's Day but they made us go to work. If they wanted to really show us how much we're appreciated they should have given us the day off but that's just my irrelevant opinion. Most of the students brought gifts and cards, my absolute favorite being the card from Sebastian's mom that's pictured above:

To: Aly Teacher
It does as a favor
the Sebastian pretty,
from thank you.
Please plentifully pretty
Sebastian and teach carefully
like now.
Sebastian said "I love Aly teacher
Aly teacher Good!"
Congratulations for teacher's Day. Good luck!!
-Sebastian's Mom

Wow. That's poetry if I've ever heard it. I finally managed to twist my tongue around those strategically placed delicately written words and I still don't comprehend it. It's deep, real deep. I've always thought Sebastian had a bit of genius hiding underneath that uber-trendy curly perm of his and now I have the document to back it up. Tears of joy (laughter) I cried as I opened up the chic box the card was attached to to find a silver bowl to hold...Candy? Potpourri? The rest of my weird gifts?

Today is the perfect occasion to discuss the differences of gift giving in this country. Not so much when or how the gift is given but what is actually considered appropriate to give someone you do not know personally (I'm talking about the parents here). I got hair conditioning spray from Melody. A huge tacky, sparkly (but nonetheless, expensive) watch from Mark. And Lancome liquid eyeliner from Tony. Eyeliner. I'm serious here. I don't wear eyeliner now, but there was a time (in my oh-so-distant past) that I did and I don't think I'm out of line to say that eyeliner is a frickin' weird gift. From a best friend, maybe, but that's even pushing it. Other similarly strange gifts that I've seen at the school include: foundation, pantyhose, feminine man scarves, and underwear. The good intention is definitely there and these items are usually on the expensive side but to me it's so strange sending such personal things as gifts.

Besides the few unusual and several unfunctional gifts I received, I also got a few very nice ones that will actually be used. Among those include Aveda hand creme from Sophia, some other undoubtedly expensive lotion from Andy, and seaweed and rice soap from Tony. The most humble gift was an origami flower made by Jay and a homemade card that said, "I love you Aly Teacher!" Now that says Happy Teacher's Day far better than any eyeliner ever could.