Friday, May 19, 2006

New photos

I forgot my memory card last weekend when I went to DoekJeokdo island but I bought a cheap disposable camera before I left Incheon. I love the convenience of my digital camera and the instant gratification it provides but it was actually fun to only have one shot and not know how it turned out until later. It was exciting picking up the film yesterday (even though the 27 shot camera was crap and only gave me 17). I found out you can get a CD made even from disposable cameras, how fun! So I just posted new pics below on the Doekjeokdo post.

The attention grabber above is the second crazy naked guy I've seen in Seoul. The streets were packed in Insadong on Sunday and this guy was walking towards me parting the sea of walkers like he was on fire. Korean boyfriends rushed to shield their girlfriend's virgin eyes and cameras clicked. From what I gathered, he was a religious extremist preaching to the crowds. He had three thick cross-shaped scars on his abdomen and chest.

Okay, gotta run! I have two more classes and then I'm outta here... Going to some country town for the night southwest of here.