Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Look familiar...?

I wrote about this ad from KScene (an English magazine in Seoul targeted towards expats) in this post from October. Since then, the ad has caused quite an uproar from some Canadians that are seriously lacking a sense of humor. Quite a few people took the ad seriously and failed to notice the obviously satirical nature of the article. The Korea Herald wrote an article about it which only added to the fury of certain oversensitive Canucks. Strange enough, it came out on the same page as the article I wrote in the Herald on Hwagyesa...

Canadians banned from group for cultural understanding

An organization that promotes cultural understanding and brings together people from different nations is open for anyone in Seoul to join. Anyone that is, except Canadians. In a classified ad in KScene, a free biweekly magazine, World Class describes itself as a group that "brings together all nationalities to discuss world issues and break down cultural barriers and prejudices."Breaking down the prejudices, however, doesn't extend to all countries. "No Canadians please," the ad continues.When contacted by a Korea Herald reporter by e-mail, the organizer of the group, Bernard Carleton, elaborated further, "The thing is, CANADIANS ARE SCUM! They are self-loving, welfare supporting, over taxing, work ethic hating scum!!! They are not welcome in our group."Anyone who would like to join the meetings with Carleton in order to break down prejudices, dissolve stereotypes and have an enhanced understanding of people from other countries can contact him at: cbicsmd@yahoo.com

After several complaints, KScene removed the article, apologized and now says they will no longer print offensive ads.

Carthartidae revealed the (much suspected) inside scoop:

The truth was revealed to me by a (Canadian) friend who was, in fact, the "Bernard Carlton" mentioned in the original KH piece. According to him, the real organizer of the club was a (Canadian) friend of his, a person I've met a few times. He came up with the idea as a joke while chatting with friends over drinks at the Three Alley Pub in Itaewon. He scribbled out the ad and decided to send it in to KScene for shits and giggles.

In the latest (and probably last) turn of events, someone sent the article to Jay Leno and it appeared in an April episode of the Tonight Show. Who would have thought it would end up there? And now with all of that said, ENOUGH!