Friday, March 31, 2006

Oz and poo

Wizard of Oz in Korean. Click here to see a video.

Each month we usually go on a field trip with our morning kids to somewhere in Seoul. This month instead of a field trip we watched a puppet show of the Wizard of Oz at the school. The Korean version left me a bit confused, although it has been since highschool since I've seen it all the way through (albeit watched on mute and paired up with the Dark Side of the Moon). Even so, I remember Dorothy as a brunette and the ruby slippers as red, not silver. I'm baffled by a dramatic battle scene with some laser light creature and I have no idea who a few of the recurring characters were.

Even though it was a great break from class on a Friday, Wizard of Oz didn't quite live up to last month's field trip to the Human Body Museum at the COEX. We walked through the mouth and slid down the throat of a giant, plastic human. We got up close and personal with the heart, lungs, liver and intestines and listened to a presentation given by the spleen. We played with massive, undigested plastic donuts, pizza and fruit in the stomach. We walked out the other side into a room with mysterious brown piles of what I soon realized to be excrement. I looked up at the exit and realized we had just unknowingly walked through the bowels and exited out a massive asshole into a room full of enormous piles of plastic shit (I'm not making this up, my batteries were dead or else I would have the visual proof). None of the Korean teachers or students seemed to consider this was anything but normal but all of the foriegn teachers were looking around with baffled faces that said, "Seriously, is this for real?"