Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Enigmatic time-management logic

I walked downstairs at the hagwan this morning to see a huge pile of wall clocks on a table in the hall. I assumed they were being synchronized. I stepped into the office to learn our director has called an impromptu meeting.

To summarize:

"We got a complaint from one parent about too much game-playing in class. Some of you have bad time-management skills. Because of this, I have removed all clocks from your classrooms. I will be removing the clock from the teachers room also. No handphones allowed in class. If I see one you will be fired on the spot. If your time-management skills continue to suck, you will be fired. If you don't want to work hard at this school you can turn in your notice because we don't want you here anyway."

I guess it's time for Aly teacher to buy a watch.