Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Different forms of chanting

This is a video. Click here to view.

It had just started to mist when I arrived in Shinchon on Friday night. As I was walking towards Nori Bar I stumbled upon crowds of Yonsei University students gathered into circles yelling and jumping up and down. When asked what was going on the only reply I got was, "Chanting! Join us!". I did for awhile but it was impossible to know what was going on. Perhaps now I can relate more to my new students when they listen to me sing English songs to them and I expect them to join in. I'll remember that. After I had my share of chanting I headed into Nori Bar to meet friends for cheap beer, good music and dancing.

Nori Bar in Shinchon

On Sunday I went to Hwagyesa and participated in an altogether different form of chanting that didn't involve soju or beer.

Bell at Hwagyesa