Thursday, February 02, 2006

From the classroom

Sean, Sarah and Sam-I-am

Kitty and Bert Class have been continuing to practice 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Green Eggs and Ham' for the big "Open Party" night coming up later this month. I'll be relieved when Open Party is over and I can wake up to something other than children screaming Mamma Mia songs through the (extremely) thin walls that separate my room from the cafeteria. I just found out that the teachers will also be performing a song in Korean (and dance?)for the show. That should be interesting...

Last week Bernie and I were in the hallway and I was questioning her for the required bi-monthly oral test. She's answering the questions but distracted with something she has just pulled out of her pocket. Perhaps a toy? Maybe a piece of candy? Oh no, it was a long purple octopus tentacle. She was plucking off the little suction cups and eating them. I just laughed as I thought about how a teacher in the States would react in the same situation.

An impromptu lesson in subject-verb agreement: I was running with Bert Class to the bus for a field trip last week. I abruptly stop at the door to the bus and hold my hand up to signal them to stop. Sean holds his hand up palm-to-palm with mine and we both receive a shock of static electricity. Very E.T.-esque.

"Magic," I say. (A word that I use often in the classroom)

Sean screams, "Aly Teacher you is CRAZY!"

I explain, "No, Sean! Aly Teacher you ARE crazy!"