Monday, February 20, 2006

The end of Open Party and ABBA

Kitty Class: This is a video! Click here to view.

Gone are the daily ABBA wake-up calls that shook the walls and penetrated the peaceful silence of so many mornings! (Click here for the final Mamma Mia show. To more closely experience my perception of this song, have someone turn it on full volume for you while in a deep sleep.)

Last Thursday we finally had the Big Show that the students have been practicing and anticipating since November. The teachers and the kids alike get inordinate amount of pressure from the director to be perfect for the show. (A favorite quote from my director, "Yes, I do understand they are kids so they can't be perfect like us adults...")

Unfortunately, the primary goal for many Korean private school's is to be profitable. Education comes straggling in at a not-so-close second. The performance last week is a great source of pride and entertainment for the current students and parents but the ulterior purpose is as a marketing gimmick to attract new students to the school, hence the need for "perfection".

Nonetheless, although they weren't perfect, the kids were all very cute and did really well on stage. Especially Kitty Class. They are seriously the cutest kids I've ever seen! Kitty Class rendition of Yellow Submarine video to come soon...