Friday, January 20, 2006

Guitar-playing visitor in class

John joined Kitty Class one day while he was here and the kids absolutely fell in love with him. They bombarded him with hugs and their unique American-Korean version of, "G'day mate!", as soon as he walked in the door. He taught them two new words: "guitar" and "pick", played songs for them and they loved it! Kitty Class all made cards before he came that were decorated with kangaroos, wallabies, strawberry ice cream and rainbows. We also performed Yellow Submarine for John as he played the guitar. It was fun to share with someone a glimpse into the my life of teaching children English as a second language in a foreign country. They ask about him everyday now.

John playing Yellow Submarine while Deborah and Ali dance (and Wally the Wallaby)

John and Kitty Class (that's William attacking John)

A card from Zack to John with wallabies (not kangaroos) to make him feel at home