Monday, December 05, 2005

School today

Zack, Deborah and Shelby giving the obligatory peace sign

I found out today that there will not be a replacement teacher for Michael until March and as of Thursday his classes will be covered by existing teachers. Because I currently work the least amount of hours I will be inheriting his home room morning class. This means that I will have to go to work an hour earlier everyday and I will lose my 1 hour 15 minute break. To compensate for the added hours (and so the school won't have to pay me as much overtime) they are giving my last MWF class to a different teacher. It will be nice to get off work by 5:50pm on MWF but it's my oldest class and I really enjoy teaching them! My paycheck will also be a bit bigger each month so I won't complain about that. I'll see how it goes after next week...

Today in my first class:


Me- "Shelby, WHY are you screaming?? WHAT do you want???"

Shelby (comes up and whispers in my ear)- "Aly Teacher, Aly Teacher is a...beautiful, cute princess!"

What can I say to that? Damn she's cute!