Thursday, December 08, 2005

Last class, Movie and Costco

My afternoon class I'm losing...

I had my last 6:00 class yesterday. We played Uno and a Korean game called kong-kong-chil-bang, or in English, zero-zero-seven-bang. In the last 30 minutes I took them outside and we ordered (in English) bowls of dukboki--rice cakes in spicy sauce-- from the friendly food vendor next door to the school. It's been fun teaching them and I'm sad to give them up but at least I'll still be able to see them all the time.


I start my new homeroom class tomorrow morning and I'm excited about teaching in a different classroom for 2 classes each day. It will be an interesting change from teaching (and living) in a cave of a room with no windows. I'll be missing my long break from now on though...and I have to be at work earlier, by 10:00 A.M. everyday (Okay, I'm sure all you 8 A.M.-ers are cursing me right now so I'll stop).

I just got back home from my first movie-going experience in Korea. It's not much different than back home, besides the dried squid for sale alongside the popcorn and the Korean subtitles . I saw 'Prime' (listed here as 'Prime Love') with Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep, which had a rather unexceptional storyline but wasn't bad for Thursday night entertainment. A much more exciting time was had on Tuesday night though when I made my first visit to Costco with a couple friends to stock up on some hard-to-find (or less expensive) food items in bulk. I now have granola bars, oatmeal, tortillas, frozen spinach and cheese ravioli, Monterey jack cheese (REAL cheese!) and a massive container of Barbecue sauce (BBQ tofu is the greatest!). I never knew Costco could be such a good time... the only negative aspect of the Costco adventure was carting the boxes of bulk items home on the subway.