Monday, November 21, 2005

You know you're in Korea when...

...drivers commonly disregard traffic laws, such as: running red lights, driving on sidewalks and driving with no headlights on at night but amazingly you rarely witness any wrecks.

...the streets are full of children just leaving school at 10:30pm. consider it normal to eat fruit with beer.'s common to see a roll of toilet paper on the tables in restaurants. and spaghetti is always served with pickles. frequently use squat toilets, have actually grown used to them and don't even mind them anymore. bring your own toilet paper everywhere you go.

...the weather turns cold and everyone wears SARS masks. go to the doctor over a sneeze. ajumma aproaches you and pulls your pants up or shirt down to cover any exposed skin.'re on the subway or walking down the street and people practice their English on you. (Hi how are you, I'm fine, thanks. It's sunny. Goodbye.)'re always accidentally pushed into and bumped, never with so much as a look of apology.

...your dating potential to Koreans is partially based on your blood type.

...everyone around you can simultaneously walk through mobs of people, send a text on their handphone, listen to their MP3 player all while barely avoiding being caught in the path of traffic. eat on the floor in a restaurant, wearing no shoes.

More to come...