Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spicy Korean food

Why are so many Koreans convinced that all westerners can't take the heat of Korean dishes? Saturday I met up with Jamie,TKoo and their friend, Yongsa in Apkujeong and we went to eat at a spicy octopus (nakji) restaurant. When they first mentioned the nakji restaurant, they said we couldn't go there because it would be "too spicy for me." Yes, Korean food is spicier than many other types of foods but I've never had anything here that has been too hot for me. I went to a restaurant near my apartment awhile back and was actually refused service because the ajumma at the door said the food was too spicy and I wouldn't be able to eat it! After dispelling the myth that all westerners can't handle the heat, we finally decided on the nakji restaurant.