Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Teaching about Food

I really enjoyed teaching today; I don't know if the lack of sleep is making me unknowingly delusional and not bothered by the consistent, loud roar of kindergarten children or I'm actually getting so used to it that it fails to bother me. Either way, it was fun today and I hope my enthusiasm for teaching continues.
In my afternoon class my students freaked out when I wrote their names on the board with a red board marker...apparently in Korea your name is only written in red if your dead... my mistake. But they forgave me quickly when I took them to get ice cream for Emily's birthday. Emily is the youngest kid in my afternoon classes and is also the best English speaker out of all the younger kids (not to mention the cutest kid I've ever seen!)
My last class of the day (with six 11 year olds) is my favorite because we can all joke around together and they all seem to have a real desire to learn (which makes my job much easier!). Today we were in a unit on "International Foods" and the class was writing two sentences: A new food that you would try and one that you wouldn't try. These are Sky's sentences:

I would try cheese cake.
I wouldn't try poo.

Really? Me either. I was also asking the kids about if they eat "boshintang" (dog stew) which you can find easily here in Seoul.

Joseph: Aly Teacher, boshintang is good!
Me: eat puppies! That's not very nice.
Joseph: No puppies Teacher!
Me: Oh okay, good!
Joseph: I eat BIG dogs, not puppies!

Dog eating has become less common since the 1988 Olympics in Seoul when the government banned it out of concern for the country's image. Even so, today it is still a traditional Korean dish that is easy to find if you know where to look. It's supposed to provide relief from the hottest days in summer and is also well known for the virility-enhancing qualities it is supposed to provide. I think I'll be staying away from the poshintang during my stay...