Monday, September 12, 2005

What's your blood type? (Hopefully not B if you live in Korea)

One question I was asked the other day which apparently is as common in Korea as asking your age was--"What is your blood type?" On that particular occasion I told them A-Positive and then waited for an explanation but got none. Following this perplexing question I decided to head for the Google for further explanation and was quite amused at what I found.
Blood typing has existed in Japan and Korea for many years now but recently has received much more media attention with the 2004 release of a hit song, "Type B Men" by Kim Hyun-Jong and the 2005 movie, "My boyfriend is Type-B". Some of the characteristics that are supposed to be associated with men with type-B blood is that they are "selfish, mercurial and absolutely useless as caring and devoted boyfriends". Type-A blood carriers are supposed to be considered "introverted perfectionists"--does that sound like me? I also read that many companies actually ask your blood type on applications and some even use this as a screening process. Check out this link if you want to read an article from MSNBC about blood typing and dating in Korea:

Luckily I'm type A and won't be turned down for friendships, dates or jobs while I'm in Korea--at least not on that basis.