Sunday, September 04, 2005

First Impressions

I have now experienced over a week of Korean culture and it's been a whirlwind of teaching, eating, drinking, meeting new people and seeing the sights in Seoul. I was a bit apprehensive about my first day in the classroom only because of my lack of experience but I think as soon as I get accustomed to the children and the activities, I will be fine. The kids truly are some of the most adorable kids I've ever seen and luckily there are only a couple who could turn out to be trouble-makers. My homeroom class is called "Kitty Class" and it consists of ten 5 year-olds(American 4). I teach this class everyday from 10:50-1:45 with a 35 minute lunch break. In the afternoons I have a few different classes and get out early on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really enjoyed teaching the older kids on Friday, they were really smart and I could communicate and have more fun with them. I've also moved into my apartment which is much more like a glorified dorm room than anything else. I do have my own bathroom complete with a Korean shower, which consists of a drain in the middle of the floor and a hand-held shower nozzle. You also have to remember to switch the water back to the faucet after finished unless you want to receive a shower next time you wash your hands (which I've already done twice). I also have a full size refrigerator, a kitchen sink, one burner, a couch, a TV, a bed and a table and chair. Most of the TV shows are in Korean but because we are near a U.S. military base we also receive quite a few channels in English.