Thursday, September 29, 2005

Field Trip

I just finished my last class of the day and am quite exhausted partially due to the fact that I've caught a cold from one of my many sick kids and also because we had a field trip today. There's at least a couple in each class that have colds and my immune system isn't used to being here yet. I'll have to go to Walmart and try to find Korean Dayquil tonight.
Today we took our morning kids on a field trip to some sort of park (I'm actually not really sure what it was...?). They picked chestnuts, tie-dyed some towels, painted gourds and made shell necklaces. Try to picture ten, 4 and 5 year-olds stringing tiny shells on string. Who thought of that bright idea? Obviously not anyone who was actually going to be helping them...
I painted funny looking faces of my kids on the gourdes and they loved it. Oh, and the school also had them all wear matching sweatshirts today in the heat and forgot to bring water during all the activities. But it was fun anyways. All the kids brought lunches from home and they definitely were not the sack lunch you would see in the States-- they all had kimbap and rice balls.
Only Friday left and then another 3 day weekend for some random holiday. I'm going to Gyoungju Saturday morning which is the ancient capital of Korea. It's just North of Busan and should take about 5 hours to get there by bus.
Tonight all the foreigner teachers at Kid's Club are going out for Kalbi (Korean barbecue) to celebrate one teacher leaving and another coming. The new teachers name is Dede (pronounced "deed") and he's from Kansas also. It's crazy showing him around here, it seems like I just got here and I'm already not the "new one" anymore. Crazy how time flies...