Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bizarre Coincidence Part 2

Discovering an elementary school friend I haven't seen in 12 years is living in Korea at the same time as me was already coincidence enough, but... it gets stranger. We hadn't yet met up or talked on the phone but we had emailed each other and planned to possibly meet on Saturday night. On Friday night I went to Itaewon (which is about an hour away by subway from where I live) with Amanda and Maria (both teach at the same school as me) and another friend, Brandy. We went to a small, dark bar called Bricks that only had candles on the tables for lighting. About 45 minutes after we arrived the couple sitting next to us got up to leave and Amanda (who met Miles once) said that she thought it was him. They started yelling his name before he walked out and he turned around. I went up and asked him if his name was Miles and it was! We both couldn't believe that we ended up actually randomly meeting like that. We all went to a bar next door and met his friends and Miles and I caught each other up on the last 12 years of life. Good times!